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The top 15 male and top 15 female runners in each age category win an award.  Age categories include every single year increment ages 6 and over.  That’s over 2,400 runners that will earn a medal!

To keep things fair, you have to wear your own timing tag on your shoe and you can’t start in an earlier wave than the one on your bib.  Ages 5 and under receive a certificate of completion.

Finisher certificates and awards are mailed in late June.

Ageless Wonders

Running a 10K in minutes faster than your age in years is something to be celebrated.  Everyone who accomplishes this achievement at the BolderBOULDER earns a special ribbon and certificate.  Among the 1,630 runners that beat their age in 2013, here are the most outstanding performances:

Most Impressive Men's Margin: 79-Year-Old Jose Cardenas in 53:05

Most Impressive Women's Margin: 76-Year-Old Libby James in 50:39

Youngest Ageless Man: 33-Year-Old Paul Petersen in 31:32

Youngest Ageless Woman: 39-Year-Old Lidia Simon in 34:05