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On Memorial Day 2014 more than thirty bands and other entertainers will line the course to get you to the finish with a smile. Click here to see the full list of 2014 course bands. And again, the BolderBOULDER Bootlegs Volume Eleven CD, which includes songs from the course bands, will be a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!

Each week until Race Day, download a new song from a 2014 course band here. Train to the same music you'll run & rock to on Memorial Day!  

Want to submit your band to play on the course? If you're a member of, search for "BolderBoulder" there. Or you can drop an email to

Click the links below to get more information on the bands.

Kristina Murray

The Bell Hours

James And The Devil

Arthur Lee Land

Treehouse Sanctum

Ron Jolly Trio

Jeremy Dion

Patrick Dune

Vivid Fiction

Springdale Quartet

Antonio A. Lopez