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Organizing, presenting and managing the BolderBOULDER is part art, and part science. It takes 364 days of dreaming, brainstorming, planning and sweat to deliver our event on Memorial Day each year. Our focus, passion and commitment, is to deliver an amazing experience for the 50,000+ participates, 50,000+ spectators and 3000+ volunteers. And, we aspire to make those experiences better, year after year.

We are proud to be recognized as “America’s All-time Best 10K” by Runners World Magazine, and we strive to deliver on that honor every day.


Long-term financial stability is essential to delivering a first-class BolderBOULDER experience. And, we are committed to transparency around the costs associated with staging our event.

The Costs To Stage the BolderBOULDER

One of the reasons that we were named America’s Best All-Time 10k is because of our absolute commitment to quality. That, coupled with the sheer scale of the event, raises unique costs, a few of which are highlighted.

+ CU mandates covering the floor of the stadium to protect the turf - $48,000
+ Scaffolding in the stadium and on the course - $37,335
+ Pro athlete prize money - $150,204
+ Pro athlete transportation, accomodations and meals - $75,765
Results, Timing, Scoring - $93,995
+ Portable toilet rental - $21,668 

2014 Expenses by Category

 Race shirts/race numbers (including design/printing, transportation, handling, and
 inventory costs)


 Printed materials (forms, banners, event collateral, etc)  $119,000
 Postage (entry form, finish certificates, medals, etc)  $112,000
 Marketing and Advertising, PR/Communications, Design Consultation  $410,000
 Logistics, equipment (rental, maintenance, repair) depreciation, course management,
 start-line management, entertainment
 University of Colorado(costs associated with facilities use including stadium floor,
 parking, etc.)
 Law Enforcement, Security, Security Consulting, Emergency Services (City of Boulder
 Police, CU Police, Ambulance)
 Stadium: Audio, Memorial Day Tribute $20,000
 Professional Race (travel, meals, lodging, prize money, recruiting, massage, scoring,
 Food    $31,000
 Charities, Non-profits, Volunteers, Race Official Gear     $83,000

 IT/computer (programming, software development, maintenance, Web development / maintenance, web hosting, on-line 

 Professional (Attorney/CPA/Consultants); Bank Fees, Insurance $193,000
 Facility: Warehouse, Office Administrative, Supplies, seasonal stores, utilities (phone,
 electric, gas, water, trash, etc)  
 Staffing: Full-time (including benefits and retirement), seasonal employees, temp  
 staff, independent contractors, staffing agencies, employment taxes and payroll fees. 
 Taxes (real estate, sales, use, admissions)    $56,000


Financial Reserves

As with businesses, municipalities, families and individuals, the BolderBOULDER works to maintain financial reserves to provide for unexpected events. We have determined that the BolderBOULDER should build reserves capable of bridging any revenue shortfall (for example, a downturn in the economy), for amounts to cover sponsorship revenue declines, and for the amount to fund the expenses associated with the Professional Race along with other categories.

In addition - because there exists the possibility of weather conditions so severe the race would have to be postponed - we have calculated the additional costs to stage the event one-to-several weeks later. We have included that amount in our reserves. 


After more than 35 years of running the BolderBOULDER, we understand the impact that we have on the lives of our participants, our community and the sport of running.

We contribute products and services to a variety of worthwhile organizations and causes. We have been affiliated with dozens and dozens of not-for-profit groups each year, equating to hundreds of organizations over the course of our history.

From our founding, the structure of the our giving has been centered on three priorities:

1/ Giving back to our communities. Being involved in, and benefiting, the communities where we live. Our contribution has grown in scope from Boulder, to the front-range and beyond.

2/ Supporting the sport we love. Being involved in, and benefiting the sport of running, and those who participate in it. Our efforts include supporting professional athletes, with a particular focus on Americans. As well as outreach programs to introduce running to young people.

3/ Honoring those who serve our country. For many years we’ve increasingly looked for ways to benefit those who are serving, and have served, in America’s armed forces.

Giving back to our communities

+ All leftover, un-opened food items from the race are donated to Community Food Share. This partnership has donated more than 200,000 pounds of food over the last five years.

+ We provide support to athletic programs, youth organizations, service clubs, school parent groups, booster fund-raising organizations, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, churches, etc., that help us on race day.

+ Participants can elect to donate their race shirt for disaster efforts and humanitarian aid - which are added to the clothing we contribute -  to Samaritan’s Purse for distribution through their global network to aid humanitarian and disaster relief. Last year alone we donated more than 4,000 shirts, Crocs and snack bags.

+ Throughout the years we have donated BolderBOULDER clothing for natural disaster relief, which has included the tsunami in 2004, hurricane Katrina in 2005, and numerous missionary trips to Africa.

+ We are proud of the large number of non-profit organizations that we are able to benefit. For example, our VIR (Very Important Runner) program donates thousands of complimentary entries and merchandise to non-profit organizations around the state to help them raise money through their auctions and/or raffles.

+ We partner with One World Running (formerly Shoes for Africa) and annually collect between 1,200-1,500 pairs of used and slightly used shoes. One World Running donates them locally, nationally and internationally through their organization.

+ Those who cannot afford the entry fee can volunteer to work packing race day snack bags, or other pre-race jobs, in exchange for a complimentary entry.

Supporting the sport we love

+ We have been directly involved with the University of Colorado’s Track & Field and Cross Country programs. We include an option for BolderBOULDER participants to donate money to CU’s Track and Cross Country Scholarship Programs. For each dollar we collect, we contribute $8 to CU scholarships. Additionally we fund at least one CU scholarship every year.

+ Through our BBRacers Club we work with local teachers, coaches and volunteer parents to prepare kids to race, run, jog or walk the BolderBOULDER. Each year more than 2500 kids, from more than 90 elementary and middle schools, are a part of this 8-to-10 week program. We supply special materials for kids, teachers and coaches to aid in their training and fitness education.      

As a part of program race entry fees are discounted, and other incentives (i.e. special BBRACERS gear and special seating section on race day) encouraging ongoing interest and continued commitment in staying active.

+ We collaborate with the Boulder Valley School District on fitness programs for their faculty and staff. As part of their year-round goal of incentivizing better employee fitness, healthier life styles, and to reduce health care costs and health insurance premiums, we provide materials and incentives to help their trainers prepare their faculty and staff to participate in the BolderBOULDER.

+ From the start, we have invested in assisting professional running athletes. The BolderBOULDER hosts the International Team Challenge, and pays out the largest non-marathon prize purse of any race in the country.

+ Rooted in our beginnings, we have maintained a commitment to American athletes.

-       We provide financial assistance to help them train and compete in International competitions including the Olympics. We award bonuses for Americans, in addition to the prize money for BolderBOULDER team and individual finishes, and time-bonus incentives.

-       In the 1990s, to encourage American women to learn and experience the benefits of high altitude training, we created and funded the American Women’s High Altitude Training Camp. Talented and promising post-collegiate American women are selected to come to live and train in Boulder for 4 to 6 months. This program reached its objectives after 3 years.

-       We offer assistance to other organizations as they stage events, which in-turn raises money for the organizations they represent. One, The Bolder Bicycle Classic (founded by Steve Bosley) was first staged in 1995 to raise money for University of Colorado’s College of Arts and Sciences. Now named the Buffalo Bicycle Classic, and staged by another group, continues to be successful and meet its fundraising objectives. The group has cited the initial advice, continued assistance and use of our equipment as foundational in their success.

+ We provide free BolderBOULDER entries as giveaways, prizes and awards to a number of local and regional road races to help support their events.

Honoring Those Who Serve

+ The BolderBOULDER is held on Memorial Day. We are proud to present our Memorial Day Tribute to honor those Americans who have paid the supreme sacrifice, and to show our appreciation and gratitude to those Americans and their families who have served, and are now serving our country.

-      Since 2006 we’ve supported races for service men and women who cannot be home on Memorial Day as they are standing guard around the globe. More than 2,500 will run in satellite Bolder BOULDER races at bases and ships at sea, in all parts of the world. We furnish shirts, bib numbers and all the other race items for their race. And, when they return home to the US, they will have free entries to run the BolderBOULDER.


We continuously strive to find ways to lessen our overall environmental impact.  We welcome your suggestions to find ways to do more.

Relevant statistics. (Estimates based on 2014 data)

- More than 200,000 cups are composted and diverted from landfill.

- Approximately 10.3 tons of recyclable materials from Folsom Field and the course are diverted to recycling facilities.

- Approximately 6.1 tons of food is donated to Community Food Share.

- 90% of timing chips are returned and reused.

- 82% of participants carpool with family, friends and neighbors.  

- Approximately 6,100 people walk or ride bikes to the starting line.

- More than 10,300 people ride an RTD bus to the starting line and home.