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Only the top 30 waves at the 2015 BolderBOULDER require proof of qualification. Joining one of these waves guarantees you will be running with people your speed. Click here to see a full chart of qualifying times for a variety of race distances (register after you have a qualifying time). See below for your qualifying options.

Use Your 2014 BB10K Time
Anything below 1:08:00 gets you in a qualified wave. 

Use Your 2014 ColderBOLDER 5K Time
Anything below a 32:38 gets you in a qualified wave.

Hop On Our Treadmill (for free!)
Two miles on the treadmill at our Twenty Ninth Street store (opens April 11) makes this the cheapest and easiest way to get into a qualified wave if you don't already have a time. 

Other Races
Any other timed race between 2 miles and a marathon completed since May 26, 2014 can be used to qualify.