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Our seasonal retail store will be open from April 11 to Friday, May 22 at the Twenty Ninth Street Mall (facing 28th Street between Canyon & Walnut - MAP). It's just east of Burger King, and next to Bodin Realty and Mad Greens. Stop by to register, shop for BolderBOULDER merchandise or qualify on a treadmill. We have everything you need to get ready for the best 10K you'll ever run.

After the store closes on May 22, visit the SportsEXHIBIT on the Pearl Street Mall from 10am to 6pm on May 23 and 24.

Store hours:
Monday through Saturday 10am to 7pm
Sunday 11am to 6pm. 

Twenty Ninth Street in Boulder
1805 29th Street #1138
Facing 28th Street between Canyon & Walnut
Boulder, CO 80301