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At BolderBOULDER, America's All Time Best 10K, you get to choose a lot about your experience:  how fast you (and the people around you) run, which race merchandise you would like, how to register and where to pick up your race packet. Here’s how to craft your perfect race.

Pick a Wave

Even though the overall 10K race is big, it’s really 97 separate smaller races that let everyone go at the gun and finish at their own pace. The waves are divided up into six categories: qualified runners (ones with proof they can run under 68 minutes), runners, joggers, jog/walkers, walk/joggers and walkers. Your estimated finish time will determine your category. If you are using a qualifying time, make sure you have your proof of qualifying before you register. If you choose to start with someone else, register together.  You will then be placed in the slowest requested category of your group.

Several waves have been designated for specific groups such as the BBRacers Club (formerly the Middle School Challenge) waves, KBCO wave and Military waves. 

Check our friends and family search page to see if your buddies are already registered and which wave they are in.

Pick a 10K Road Race Race Package

Everyone gets split second tag timing and mile splits, a 2015-2016 calendar / runner’s guide and a keepsake snack bag filled with treats.

From there you get to choose your race package:

Adult Pricing

Kids Seniors Military Pricing

Race Registration and Packet Pickup Options

In-Person - For immediate gratification come by The BolderBOULDER Twenty Ninth Street store in Boulder, Colorado (opening April 11th- Friday, May 22). You can sign up and walk away with your race packet in one stop. We also have one-day mobile registrations at various locations. You can also register Memorial Day weekend on the Pearl Street Mall at our SportsEXHIBIT, or on race day.


By Mail - Download our printable entry form and send it in.