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A lot of people will converge on Boulder on Memorial Day.  Planning ahead will let you focus on your race instead of your commute.

Catch an RTD Bus

Whether you live in Boulder, Denver, Longmont, or anywhere in between you can catch an RTD bus to the race.  Click here RTD rates, schedules and routes. 

Bike to the Start

Both the start and finish areas are close to the Boulder Creek Path.  Once you get to Twenty Ninth Street there are many available bike racks. The paths along 30th Street will be closed from 5am to 9:30am, but 29th Street provides an easy alternative.  

Bum a Ride

Your designated driver can drop you off near the start line at one of two runner drop-off areas. The first is in the right lane of westbound Arapahoe Ave. between 38th St. and 30th St.  The second option is on the northbound 28th St. Frontage Road between Colorado Ave. and Arapahoe Ave.  Both of these areas offer easy exit from the start area once you’re on your way.

Park It

Parking near the finish line is available on the CU campus south of Colorado Ave. and Regent Dr.  Race day rates are $20 per vehicle, and it's a one mile walk to the start area. If you would like to pre-purchase a University of Colorado parking pass for the lot at Regent & Colorado Ave., click here

Limited parking is also available near the start area.  Click here see all the available routes to the race and parking options.

RV Parking

If you have an RV, CU will allow you to park on campus during the day, but not overnight. Parking rates at CU are $20 times the number of spaces your RV takes. RV’s are allowed overnight at Boulder County Campgrounds (303-678-1525).