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America's Best 10K wouldn't happen without the help of thousands of volunteer heroes. 

Volunteer for a Free Entry 

Volunteer before the 2014 10K race and run for free! Click the link below to register for your volunteer position AND the race at the same time. You no longer need to fill out a separate BolderBOULDER race entry form. Please print your confirmation page and keep for your records.

Group Volunteers

Email with any questions

Individual Race Volunteers

If you're not participating in the 10K race on Memorial Day please volunteer!   We have individual volunteer position along the course and at the finish line.  You'll get a BolderBOULDER "Boldologist" shirt and an official race snack bag. And don't forget - there are a lot of Memorial Day events in Boulder on race day.

Group Volunteers

Email with any questions.

Group Race Volunteers

You can help your non-profit group and help the race at the same time!  In exchange for your help on Memorial Day, we will make a donation on your behalf to your non-profit organization.  Each group has one or several specific jobs so your whole group can work together.  You will also get a race volunteer shirt and a snack bag. If your group is registered with us, you can click below to join them. Please email us at the address below with any questions. 

Group Volunteers

Email with any questions.