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We are looking for exceptional people who share our love for the BolderBOULDER, our participants we serve, the merchandise we sell, and the work we do!

2015 seasonal pay for non-supervisory positions is $10.00 per hour for first year employees.  Other compensation includes complimentary BolderBOULDER merchandise, merchandise discounts, and lunch on us for 5 to 6 days of race week. 

All jobs require working Memorial Day Weekend, including Monday, raceday (sorry, you can't work and run the race).  See specific job requirements below.

To apply for a seasonal position fill out our online employment application.  A completed application is mandatory.   You are welcome to send a resume to, but resumes are not necessary.

Qualifications: All positions require the ability to multi-task, stay focused in noisy surroundings, and work in our energetic, fast-paced environment.

In addition, strong candidates will exhibit the following:

+ Driven to deliver superior service by exceeding customer expectations
+ Demonstrate ability to develop relationships with customers and co-workers of diverse backgrounds and culture
+ Present a professional image in appearance, vocally and actions
+ Focus on assigned tasks, even in a distracting work environment
+ Initiate tasks with good judgment in all situations

The above information indicates the general nature of our work environment and personal qualities desired by our seasonal employees. A comprehensive description of all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required for each job will be shared if selected for an interview.

Below is a list of current positions:

Data Processing Specialists

Dates of Employment:

Mid-March through Memorial Day. A few positions require working part time through June 5.

Job Overview:

Performs a variety of duties with a focus on assigning participants the correct bib number based on a number of criteria. Reports to the Data Processing Lead.

Type of Seasonal Position:

Part-time to Full-time primarily during the day; a few night shift positions as well

Job Specifics:

Keys data from a variety of original source documents; assigns bib numbers to online registration records; identifies and corrects errors.

An ideal candidate would have:

+ Demonstrated time management and organizational skills

+ Demonstrated conflict management and resolution skills
+ The ability to relate to customers and internal employees at all levels
+ Deductive reasoning and common sense skills
+ Able to multi-task
+ Ability to focus on work in a sometimes noisy, distracting environment
+ Knowledge of methods and equipment used in keypunching or data entering; general clerical and record-keeping
   procedures including coding, indexing, filing and comparing.
+ Excellent computer skills and comfortable searching for information on the internet.
+ The ability to make comparisons and calculations rapidly and accurately; operate data entry operations on a computer
   with the speed and accuracy necessary to meet departmental standards.
+ Excellent typing and data entry skills required.  Windows experience is helpful.
+ Performs customer service functions: assists customers over telephone and by email; responds to routine questions,
   researches problems, and initiates problem resolution.

Retail-Registrar Specialists

Dates of Employment:

Job starts April 2nd or 3rd (TBD) and continues through race day, Monday, May, 25th. A few positions continue through the end of that week. Candidate must be able to work Memorial Day weekend including Memorial Day, raceday. 

Job Overview:

Perform a variety of duties associated with BolderBOULDER race registration and retail sales.

Type of Seasonal Position:

Part-time to Full-time with varying hours.

Duties Include:

+ Greeting customers; answering customer inquiries regarding the race, registration and the merchandise
+ Arranging and displaying merchandise, keeping merchandise tidy and presentable, stocking merchandise and taking inventory
+ Monitoring treadmill runners
+ Receiving and processing cash, checks and charge/credit payments, provides change and receipts; maintains sales records
+ Uses sound judgment, considers alternatives and the consequences, collaborates with team members, takes personal responsibility

An ideal candidate would have:

+ Ability to relate to customers and internal employees at all levels
+ A
bility to multi-task and work independently with minimal supervision
+ Ability to focus on work in a sometimes noisy, distracting environment