Since 1979, the BOLDERBoulder has defined, re-defined and set new standards for run events. If there’s a better way to run a race, you’ll see it here first. The BOLDERBoulder isn’t just another race. It is the 10K by which all others are measured.

We're America's All-Time Best 10K
Don’t listen to us. Listen to Runner’s World. They awarded us the honor of “America’s All-Time Best 10K”. We are incredibly proud that they recognized all the effort we take to make sure you have a the best race possible. We have served over a million runners in our 41-year history, and our mission is to put on an event where you can have the time of your life.
We invented and perfected the wave start
It’s our way of setting you up for success. Running in your wave means you’re not stuck behind a wall of slower runners, and you won’t get left in the dust by the speed demons. With over 90 waves, there is a perfect place just for you. You’re set up for a personal best, no matter what your pace, right from the gun.
We're one of the largest road races in America
However, to us it’s not about being the biggest, it’s about being the best. Runners come to the BOLDERBoulder from all corners of the globe. Every running of the BOLDERBoulder is one race with over 50,000 personal stories. It’s our job to make your race the best experience possible.
We know how to throw a Mega-Memorial Day Celebration
For over 40 years, BOLDERBoulder has been the official kickoff to summer. Our Memorial Day Celebration is the largest in the world. We honor those that have served our country with moving tributes, a flyover, music and a party that stirs the soul and moves the heart as 100,000 of your fellow runners and friends celebrate this special day with the Flatirons as an inspiring backdrop.
Running is only half the fun
We have been rockin’ and rollin’ for over four decades. Whether you’re a spectator at mile three, or a runner ascending the final climb into the stadium, you are in for an amazing, awesome time. You never know what awaits you, from belly dancers, a cooling mid-race slip ‘n slide, an unexpected beer-and-bacon stop or the eclectic music as you wind around the course through the streets of Boulder. Sure, it’s a run, but there’s so much more to enjoy from start and finish.
Run for fast, run for fun
Walkers, joggers, runners and racers all have a home at the BOLDERBoulder. We’re where you can discover your love of fitness or uncover how fast you truly are. We have more sub-40 minute runners than any other race in the world, we also have jog, jog/walk and walking waves specifically for first-time enthusiasts to experience the pure joy of “running”. You can qualify to earn you place in one of the under 68 minute waves, or simply sign up for any of the other waves that match your pace. Our brand promise is “Oh Yes You Can” and we have created an event that is perfect for every level of participant.
It's your own Summer Games
Ever dreamed of what it’s like to finish a run to the roar of a stadium crowd with 50,000 plus fans? You can at the BOLDERBoulder. The course ends in CU’s Folsom Field, where the stands are jammed with your biggest fans, friends and other runners. Hear all that cheering? It’s for you. You earned it.
The world looks to BOLDERBoulder
Elites from Oregon to Africa put the BOLDERBoulder on their calendar. This is the largest collection of elite men’s and women’s runners outside of the Summer Olympic games. The crowds are enormous. The competition intense. The prize purse huge. The energy intense. And you witness it all first-hand.
We've got timing down to a science
We were the first race to provide mile splits at every mile in addition to overall time, for every runner in a mass participation race. And our RFID timing is one of the most precise systems in the world, giving you the real-time data you need mile after mile. You can set your goals and track your times as you have the time of your life.
The BOLDERBoulder Commitment
From the founding moment of the BOLDERBoulder we have strived to find new ways to make our event the best experience for you. No entry-level caps, exciting on course entertainment, the invention of the wave starts, the first RFID timing at every mile in a mass participation event, and no hidden service charges.

And, in 2014 we announced another first, the BOLDER GuaRUNtee. If you can’t run the BOLDERBoulder, we will roll your registration over to the following year’s race for only $20. And, you don’t need an excuse from your mom or a note from your doc. It’s our way of raising the bar on your experience, again.