All in-person registrations are automatically backed by the Bolder GuaRUNtee. It means if you sign up for the BOLDERBoulder and don’t participate, we will roll your registration over to next year’s BOLDERBoulder for only $30 (half-price). And, you won’t need an excuse from your mom or a note from your doc.

It’s easy. If you don’t make it, we’ll send you a personal rollover code for next year’s race. You of course get to keep your shirt and any other items you ordered. We really want you to be part of the BOLDERBoulder. It’s just that simple.

How do I use the Bolder GuaRUNtee?

Anyone who signs up for the in-person event and doesn’t make it will automatically receive a Bolder GuaRUNtee notice via email in June. Each email has a personal rollover code. We will also re-send an email several months before the race as a reminder. If for some reason you do not get the email notification, simply email us for a re-issue. 

When you sign up for the next year’s event, simply apply your personal rollover code, pay $30 … and you are in. Done! Easy-peasy! Please note that the BOLDERBoulder GuaRUNtee is only valid for the BOLDERBoulder and cannot be used towards the ColderBOLDER. For those who run the ColderBOLDER, check out our Colder GuaRUNtee.

The Bolder GuaRUNtee is specifically for those who miss out on the fun. We want YOU to come back and be part of the BOLDERBoulder experience. Remember, your personal code is for you and cannot be shared with friends or family. 

The Bolder GuaRUNtee cannot be rolled over once used.

Please note that the Bolder GuaRUNtee cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion. Any registration purchased using a discount code will not be eligible for the Bolder Guaruntee.

If the BOLDERBoulder is cancelled and cannot be staged live and in-person there will be no GuaRUNtee, and the BOLDERBoulder will be run as a VITURAL event, to be completed at your convenience over the Memorial Day Weekend.

The goods on the goods

You keep the original shirt(s) and merchandise you ordered, but be sure you pick up your packet within two weeks from race day. The GuaRUNtee gets you a spot in the next BOLDERBoulder. We will send you an email reminder to pick up your gear or for a small fee when can mail it to you.

Yes, you can also upgrade to the Long Sleeve Shirt Package for an additional $5, grab the Performance Shirt Package for just $15 more (shirt alone retails at $30), or go all the way with the Bolder Package (all three shirts) for $25 extra. Check them out when you register.

When can I use my code?

If you register for this year’s race but for some reason end up missing it, you can register any time before next year’s race (the GuaRUNtee is only good for one year).

Note that if you sign up after the procrastination fee kicks in, or on race day, you’ll be on the hook for those added charges. We’re generous, but we’re not crazy.

Also, if the BOLDERBoulder is cancelled cannot be staged live and in-person, there will be no GuaRUNtee and the BOLDERBoulder will be run as VITURALevent, to be completed at your convenience over the Memorial Day Weekend.

What about my wave?

If you were in a non-qualified running, jogging or walking wave, we will do our absolute best to get you back in a similar wave for the following year’s race. If you want to move into a faster qualified wave, you would need to submit qualifying proof equivalent to running a 10K in under 68 minutes.

If you were in a qualified running wave, you would need to re-qualify to be put back into a qualified wave for the following year’s race. Or, you could just request to be in a non-qualified running, jogging or walking wave.

Learn how our waves work and how to qualify if you want to.

The BOLDERBoulder Commitment

From the founding moment of the BOLDERBoulder, we have continually striven to find new ways to make our event the best experience for you. No entry-level caps, exciting on course entertainment, the invention of the wave start, the first race to offer RFID timing at every mile in a mass participation event, and no hidden service charges.