VolRUNteer for the BOLDERBoulder

It’s Go Time for our Volunteers, too!

Please check your reminder email for job details. Didn’t receive it? Check your spam folder or email account that you used to register as a volunteer. Course Marshals and Aid Stations – Go straight to your Mile meeting location. You’ll receive your BB gear packet from your Chief on race morning. Work for Entry volunteers – You will receive your race packet at the completion of your volunteer job! Set your alarm for Race Day morning! Our racers are depending on you to be on time to your job. Be sure to allow plenty of time to navigate heavy traffic, closed roads, finding parking, and walking to your job. See our Parking/Transportation tab for more information. Didn’t register as a volunteer this year? As much as we’d love to have you, we cannot accept unregistered volunteers on race day. Please join the BOLDERBoulder volunteer team next year! Registration will open again in March, 2025.

Individual VolRUNteers

  • Individual VolRUNteers must be a minimum of 16 years old on race day.
  • VolRUNteer positions are 4-6 hours long.
  • Most positions start between 5:30am and 9:30 am. Set your alarm!
  • Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. This is an outdoor event, rain or shine!

Individual Package

Course Marshal Package

Work For Entry VolRUNteers

VolRUNteer to work with us prior to race day and earn your free race registration for America’s All-Time Best 10K! Work with friends & family by signing up for the same position at the same time.

  • Most Work for Entry VolRUNteers must be a minimum of 18 years old on race day, however we do offer a few for participants as young as 14.
  • VolRUNteer positions are 4-6 hours long.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather, many jobs are outdoors.

Race Package

Group VolRUNteers

  • Our volunteer groups know that working together at the BOLDERBoulder is the most fun way to fundraise!
  • Organize a group to help us run the race on Memorial Day, and we will donate to your non-profit or charity of choice.
  • All volunteers also receive a VolRUNteer shirt & snack bag, plus a front-row seat to America’s All-Time Best 10k!
  • Start by applying as a group at the link below, and then recruiting your volunteers.
  • Our donation amount is $30 per volunteer (who complete the assigned shift), although some positions do pay more.
  • Group size of 5-50
  • Please do not over-commit your group size.  We will try to increase it later if needed.
  • Group Leader must be aged 18+.
  • VolRUNteers must be a minimum of 14 years old. Some jobs require age 18.
  • VolRUNteer positions are 4-6 hours long.
  • Many positions start between 5:30am and 9:30 am. Set your alarm!
  • Groups are placed in positions based on race needs and group size.
  • You may request a job, but we cannot guarantee availability.
  • Invite group members, staff, friends, families, and neighbors to join your cause! Anyone who wants to help you fundraise can be part of your group.
  • Your non-profit will receive a donation from the BOLDERBoulder after the race, based on the number of volunteers your group had VolRUNteer on race day.
  • Use the link below to register as a group leader. Once approved, you will receive a group-specific link to share with individuals to register with your group.

Group VolRUNteer Package