Since 1998, we have attracted some of the fastest men and women from around the globe who travel to Boulder to compete in the BolderBOULDER International Team Challenge. Each country fields three-person teams to compete against other teams for one of the largest non-marathon prize purses in the world. The men and women race the BOLDERBoulder course, and finish inside the University of Colorado’s Folsom Field between 11:45am and 11:55am to more than 40,000 cheering fans just before the start of the Memorial Day Tribute at noon.

Teams are scored cross country style with points awarded on the basis of finishing place. The team with the lowest score for all three runners is the winner. Ties are decided by the positions of the 3rd place finishers.

The Front Range boasts a world-class field of literally the fastest runners on the planet, a large percentage of whom represent their countries in the Olympics. The BOLDERBoulder International Team Challenge is the largest and most competitive event of its kind outside of the Olympics and the World Championship. This professional race is the largest international road-racing team competition held annually in the United States.