We celebrate in CU’s house, and we need to follow their house rules.

The CU’s Clear Bag Policy will be strictly enforced at Folsom Field. They allow you to bring one clear bag no bigger than 12 inches x 6 inches x 12 inches (or a one-gallon resealable clear plastic bag) into the stadium.

Small camelbacks and fanny packs will not be allowed. We have seven aid stations available that serve water and Gatorade hydration, snack bags at the finish line, as well as other food and beverages that can be purchased.

Clear bags are the norm at athletic venues across the nation. They increase participant safety and decrease waiting time to enter stadiums.
Mobile Lockers
We offer a Mobile Locker service ($5 pre-race or $10 race day), where you can drop your gear at a truck on the southeast corner of 30th & Walnut and it will be waiting for you outside the stadium when you finish. Items left at Mobile Locker compliant with the CU Clear Bag Policy can be picked up inside the Clear Bag Perimeter and brought into the stadium. Bags that don’t meet the CU Clear Bag Policy will still be accepted at Mobile Locker and can be picked up outside of the Clear Bag Perimeter near the stadium. Any clothing left on the ground or fencing in the start area will be immediately donated to charity. We want everyone to have what they need on race day. Plan ahead and help us keep all of the BOLDERBoulder participants, volRUNteers and spectators safe!
Folsom Field Prohibited Items

• Bags or containers larger than 12” x 6” x 12”
• No bags permitted at all; includes backpacks, camelbacks, large purses, oversized tote bags, camera bags and binocular cases, diaper bags, fanny packs and printed plastic bags
• Clutches and purses must be the approximate size of the hand
• Hard & soft sided coolers of any size or style
• Firearms or weapons of any type; including handguns carried in accordance w/ the Colorado Conceal & Carry Act
• Selfie/GoPro sticks, flags on poles, other types of sticks, poles or similar objects that can be used as a weapon
• Fireworks, drones or laser pointers
• Non-factory sealed beverages or filled liquid containers including all thermoses
• Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs (including medical marijuana)
• Glass or metal bottles or cans
• Full size strollers
• Umbrellas of any size
• Artificial noise makers such as whistles, air horns, thunderstix or any other item used to make artificial noise
• Any unapproved signs or banners
• Professional grade video or camera equipment (e.g. telephoto lenses), tripods, or monopods.
• Footballs, frisbees, inflatable balls
• Bikes, scooters, skateboards or skates
• Pets / animals (with the exception of service animals)
• Any item(s) deemed dangerous or unacceptable by security

Folsom Field Permitted Items

• Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”
• One-gallon (or smaller) clear plastic Ziploc/freezer bag
• Small clutch bags (no larger than 4.5” x 6.5” with or without a handle or strap
• Medically necessary items after proper inspection at Entrances
• Non-alcoholic beverages in approved factory-sealed plastic containers; 51 oz. / 1.5 liters or smaller (one per ticket holder)
• Empty non-disposable water bottles; 51 oz. / 1.5 liters or smaller (one per ticket holder)
• Umbrella strollers; if larger they can be returned to vehicle or checked in at Guest Services
• Seat cushions and chair backs must be 18” or less in width (no pockets, zippers or covers)
• Small personal cameras
• Binoculars
• Service animals
• Blankets