In 2006, the BOLDERBOULDER created the BOLDERBOULDER Baghdad 10K with the help of a group of dedicated runners stationed at Camp Victory in Iraq. The race was run on Memorial Day and gave service men and  women a connection to the tens of thousands of BOLDERBoulder runners competing on the same morning. With 601 finishers it became the largest, first-time race in Iraq.  In 2007 the BOLDERBoulder Base Race program was expanded and run in Balad, Kuwait and aboard the USS NIMITZ (on treadmills). In subsequent years, BOLDERBoulder Base Race was expanded and staged at dozens of military bases overseas.

Since the creation of the BOLDERBOULDER BASE RACE program in 2006 more than 25,000 service men and women have had the opportunity to be a part of the Memorial Day Tradition. The BOLDERBoulder works with the Department of Defense to coordinate the race and the BOLDERBoulder team creates a special BOLDERBoulder Base Race Shirt and bib number which is then boxed and shipped to the specific locations. All service men and women are also provided a complimentary entry to run the BOLDERBoulder live and in-person after their deployment and return to the US.