Financial Stability 

Long-term financial stability is essential to delivering a first-class BOLDERBoulder experience. We are committed to transparency around the costs associated with staging our event.

One of the reasons we were named “America’s Best All-Time 10k” is because of our absolute commitment to quality. That commitment coupled with the sheer scale of the event, raises unique costs that are highlighted below.

What does it cost to stage the BB10K?

The following is a breakdown of our expenses by major categories, including some of our unique expenses (rounded):

  • University of Colorado requires that the BOLDERBoulder cover the floor of the stadium to protect the turf: $73,900
  • Scaffolding, traffic devices, fencing and course equipment: $122,800
  • Portable toilets, solid waste, recycling: $47,100
  • Prize Money and Pro Athlete related expenses including drug testing: $115,192
  • Military Base Races in foreign lands including special BOLDERBoulder military shirt, special bib number and shipping: $10,100
  • Results, timing, scoring, $62,300



Staff Expenses: Full-time (including benefits), seasonal and temporary staffing, independent contractors $807,239 30%
Administrative / Overhead: bank and credit card fees, business and event insurance, license and permits, postage, professional fees, office and warehouse rent, utilities $410,885 15%
Logistics / Course: Equipment, rental trucks and equipment, supplies, vendors $358,075 13%
Printed Materials / Packet Costs: Official Race Gear, bib numbers, banners, signage, event printing $336,723 12%
Marketing / Awards: Advertising, design, marketing, digital and social media, production and video $297,273 11%
Facilities: $152,613 6%
Law Enforcement and Security: $127,556 5%
Pro Race: Prize money, US and international travel, drug testing, hotel, meals, ground transportation $115,192 4%
Charities / Donations: $108,477 4%
Total $2,714,034 100%

Economic Impact

The BOLDERBoulder, named America’s All-Time Best 10K by Runner’s World, is one of the ten largest road races in the United States and in the top 20 largest road races in the world. Historically, the race attracts over tens of thousands of runners, joggers, walkers and wheelchair racers, and draws some of the fastest professional athletes from around the world.

The annual in-person race starts at 30th and Walnut and winds through Boulder neighborhoods with live music and entertainment at every corner. The race finishes at the University of Colorado’s Folsom Field and attracts over 100,000 spectators throughout the course.

Historically, the Boulder Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has studied the BOLDERBoulder and estimates that the BOLDERBoulder is responsible for more $10 Million economic impact on the City of Boulder over the Memorial Day weekend.



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