BOLDiTUDE Mobile App

First off, here are a few basics:

When you can use the app?
    • Over the entire Labor Day Weekend, registered participants will be able to use the BOLDitude 10K app for an enhanced real-time remote racing experience. We have built in some cool features that will make it feel like race weekend.
    • This includes the live tracking and live leaderboards.
    • The Real-Time Remote Racing through the app is ONLY available to use Saturday Sept 5-Monday Sept 7. 

Do I need to use the app to run the BOLDiTUDE 10K?

    • If you do not want to run with your phone during the race, you can still enjoy some of the benefits of the app.
    • You can participate in the leaderboard and get your finisher’s badge by linking your account with Strava (more on that further down the page)
    • Other gps or Apple Watch integrations – At this time, if you can link your run data to Strava, then you can add it into the app. Otherwise, there is no specific integrations outside of this.

If you choose not to use the app on your run, you will still be able to submit your time through our website for the results and to download a pdf of your finisher’s certificate. The link to this form will be available in our Go Time email, and after the weekend.

Also, if you can’t run this weekend, you can still participate all the way through Sept 20th!

Some of this will seem obvious when you get in the app itself, but I will go through these things so you have a great experience on race day, and all you have to worry about is running hard and enjoying the experience.

How to Download the App

  • There are 2 ways to do this.
    • If you are registered, you should have gotten an email asking you to “Claim your Profile”
      • In that email, there are two buttons there and the first is to Download the app
    • You can also just go to the app stores for iOS and Android and search for BOLDiTUDE and it should be there.
    • Or visit this page

Claim Your Profile

  • Ok the second step in the process is for you to Claim your Profile.
  • Go back to that email on your mobile phone and click the second button – Claim Your Profile.
  • This will create a link to a page with another button that will say “Connect and Claim. Click that and it will take you back to the app and should give you a confirmation that your profile is complete.
  • At that point you can add any extra details if you want around your profile like add a photo. That way when friends and family search for you, they can see your smiling face!

Practice Run

  • So the next screen you will see is a map with a grey panel over it with your name, a toggle to the event map and “My MaP” which is where you are,
  • But more importantly, there is a big green Play button with “Practice Race” underneath.
  • You don’t have to use this to actually go run but you need to go through these steps as there are a few permissions you need to set up first.
  • Once you get these set up on your practice run, they will be ready for race day and you can just worry about your run.
  • Ok now all the permissions are set, you will get a 5 second countdown before your run starts and it will let you know via audio cues that your practice race has begun. You can choose to do a little shake out run, and if you go further than a mile, you will hear the first audio cue that lets you know when you passed the mile marker and what your pace was for that mile.
  • If you have had enough of the practice race, you can tap the “stop race” button at the bottom of the screen.

YOUR Race Day

  • On race day it will be a little bit different, When you press the green Start button, you will still get 5 seconds before the clock starts, but this time, Bret Saunders from 97.3 KBCO will be giving you the “runners ready and Go” signal that starts your run.
  • The tracker will stop the clock when you reach the full 10k of distance, that way you won’t have to worry about looking at your watch.
  • Again, there will be audio cues at each mile (or K depending on what you choose) reminding you of the mark and your pace
  • There will even be a few other audio cues on the course to keep you motivated along the way.
  • At the end of the race with 100m to go you will get a notice of that, then you know its time to put in that final surge to the finish line.
  • Remember to use the app for the real-time remote racing, you need to start and complete your 10K either on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday (Labor Day)
  • If for what ever reason you mess up the start and need to start over again, then there is red button at the bottom of the screen saying, start over.

Post Race

  • Now that you have finished the race, the app will display your finishing time and overall pace. It will even display where you are in your age group standings. This is tied to our live leaderboards.
  • You will also see the leaderboards from the bottom tab
  • Just a note here that these leaderboards are dynamic depending on when people finish the race. So, different from race day when everyone is basically running at the same time, this will be spread out over a few days. So these standings will change depending on when people run.
  • At the bottom of your profile page, you will see an icon for your Finisher’s badge. That will display your final time and pace, and your splits for the race and you can SHOWYOURFAST by sharing out that badge to social straight from the app!
  • Find your friends to follow, just by searching at the top and typing their name.

Strava Integration

  • If don’t like running with a phone but still want to check out the app and upload your time to the leaderboard and get your finisher’s badge, there is a way to connect with Strava and add a run that you did.
  • That activity will have to be run between Saturday and Monday, just like the app
  • To do this, you go to your profile in the upper right, and at the bottom there is a Connect To Strava button.
  • You will sign in to Strava and when it is connected you can see your activities from the weekend. Choose one of those activities and you are all set.

Overall Results

  • So, as you can imagine, not everyone will be using the app to track their BOLDiTUDE Labor Day 10K.
  • All finishers will get an email with a link to post their results on our website. When participants do this, they will automatically be uploaded to our results
  • Everyone who runs with the app, will automatically be added to those results. So you don’t have to go back and add them again. This will be done on Tuesday Sept 8.
  • This way you can see how your time compares to everyone who ran and not just with the app.



More Questions

Do you need to run with the app to get a qualifying time for 2021. 
The short answer is no, you don’t have to run with the app.
  • You can use any other race longer than 2 miles to qualify
  • You can submit a Strava activity when registering for 2021
  • Or you can use the time you have in the app


Here is a brief generic overview of the steps you will go through.