Start Times
CB RACE 2023
BOLDERBoulder 10K
2022 ColderBOLDER 5K Start Times
1 SUB 40:00 SUB 20:00 7:15 AM Start
2 40:00-41:59 20:01-21:00 7:20 AM Start
3 42:00-43:59 21:01-22:00 7:25 AM Start
4 44:00-45:59 22:01-23:00 7:30 AM Start
5 46:00-47:59 23:01-24:00 7:35 AM Start
6 48:00-49:59 24:01-25:00 7:40 AM Start
7 50:00-51:59 25:01-26:00 7:45 AM Start
8 52:00-53:59 26:01-27:00 7:50 AM Start
9 54:00-55:59 27:01-28:00 8:00 AM Start
10 56:00-57:59 28:01-29:00 8:10 AM Start
11 58:00-59:59 29:01-30:00 8:20 AM Start
12 60:00-61:59 30:01-31:00 8:30 AM Start
13 1:02:00 – 1:08 31:01-34:00 8:40 AM Start
OPEN RACE 1:08:01 + 34:01 + 9:05 AM Start

Race Day parking will be available in Lots 391, 169 & 436 at CU and can be purchased the day of the race for $5.
There will be Park and Pay signage in each lot with instructions to pay using either a QR code or text to pay.

We will not be preselling parking.
Please note that using Park Mobile instead of Park and Pay will incur extra fees.
For questions, contact CU Parking
303-735-PARK (7275)




Don’t want to pay for parking? That’s cool, just use the Runner Drop Off Areas instead!

South on Folsom Drive then West onto Stadium Drive. There will be signage and volunteers to direct you to the exact location on Stadium Drive.

Shirt Redemption

If you have not yet received your long sleeved shirt, we will mail it to you as soon as they arrive at our warehouse. Please use the link below to verify your address for shipping.


Course Map

Check our our 2023 Course Map Page!

Packet Pickup

For those that selected race day packet pickup, we will have a booth in the Fieldhouse for you to pick up your packet. We will also deliver all packets not picked up from other locations by Thursday, November 30th to the same booth.


Check out your results – Colder Results – BOLDERBoulder 10K

Virtual ColderBOLDER

If you would like to switch from In Person to run Virtually, please send us an email. Our team will follow-up with you the week of December 4th.

Run anytime from Friday, December 1st through Saturday, December 3rd. Remember to submit your virtual time (click on bottom at bottom of screen).

Safety and Rules

Costumes are awesome, but make sure they do not extend beyond your body or connect to anyone else. We can’t allow pets. Visit our Safety and Rules page for more details.

All ages are welcome at the ColderBOLDER and we encourage you to make the day a family affair. Backpacks are great for WALKING with kids that can’t do it on their own but remember, STROLLERS and BABY JOGGERS are NOT allowed on the course.