Fortitude 10K Labor Day Fest – Course Map

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  • Race Day Registration, Packet Pickup and Gear Check (See green icons and rectangle above in lot 115 by the start line) (packet pickup here is only for those who chose race day pickup, all other packets sent to other pickup locations will not be here). PDF of Start Area
  • Official Parking Lots: Lot 195 and 197 (Shields St. and Elizabeth St by the start), and Lot 240 (Pitkin Street West of Canvas Stadium by the finish) (Also see blue rectangle areas above)
  • Runner Drop off Shields St. and Elizabeth St. (see green icon and rectangle in the upper left blue parking lot)
    PDF of Runner Drop Off
  • Bike Parking Northwest of the finish (see green icon above)


The FORTitude takes runners on a scenic and fast course through Fort Collins, passing landmarks like City Park, downtown and the CSU campus while weaving through the picturesque Mountain Ave neighborhood. The elevation profile below shows the course with a generally downhill finish after mile 2.9! And the finish next to Sonny Lubick Field at Canvas Stadium showcases a mini holiday-fest with great food and music for the entire community, the perfect kick start to your Labor Day.