We don’t offer group discounts, but we can help get everyone in the same wave.

To qualify as a group registration, you MUST be expecting 20 or more registrations under your group and all want to run in the same wave. If you would like set up a group of 20 or more people to run together, please contact us for more information:

[email protected]
(303) 444-RACE

Company Group
If you are a company or workplace wanting to run together look at joining our BolderBusinessCHALLENGE. We can set up a team for you and your company to register under and compete.
Group of LESS than 20
If you have a group of LESS than 20 friends or family and want to be in the same start wave, register everyone online or in person at the same time. Enter the names of those you want to run with in the appropriate field. Qualifying rules still apply, and everyone in your group will be placed in the slowest person’s wave. If your buddies are already registered, check our Friends and Family Search Page (available in April) to see which wave they are in.