As we bring our Heart of BOLD challenge to a close, we can’t help but marvel in your impressive efforts! With over 7,000 workouts submitted, you conquered with creativity and BOLDNESS. 
Top challenge workouts were: Running, walking, and the Heart of BOLD 5K
Honorable mention goes to: Snow Shoveling for your neighborhoods! 
We also had over 6,000 acts of boldness and those are JUST the ones we know about! While there are too many to list, we smile at each one of you out there giving gift cards, knitting for people, encouraging each other on ski runs, making banana bread with chocolate chips, making donations, shoveling eachother’s driveways, and taking on extra chores for your partners, our hats go off to you! 
You’ve made the Heart of Bold unforgettable. Thank you from the bottom of our bold hearts!


Ideas For Your Sweetheart

Buy champagne and flowers on the 28th to celebrate!

Do the dishes for the week.

Remember to leave the toilet down.

Give them a card that is redeemable for a free massage.

Surprise him and leave the toilet seat up.

Leave a love note on the coffee machine.

Get their car washed for them and fill up the tank!

Let them pick the movie, no matter what it is, no complaints.


Ideas For Anyone

Buy coffee for the person behind you

Buy One Get One Free and give one to the person behind you. 

Kiss and make up with someone.

Wish a telemarketer a nice day. 

Don’t honk your horn for a whole day. 

Return a shopping cart. 

RSVP on time for the first time in your life. 

Commit to leaving the toilet seat down for the rest of your life.

Bake Cookies for someone 

Text a teacher thank you. 

Remind a friend of something fun you did together. 

Email a family member and tell them you appreciate something they did for you.