Come race day, we want you to have the freedom to beat your PR or try out the slip-n-slides on the course without having to carry any extra weight! For $10 on race day starting at 6:00am, you can drop your gear at a truck on the southeast corner of 30th & Walnut and it will be waiting for you outside the stadium when you finish.

Gear must fit into a 12” x 6” x 12” clear, plastic bag to be allowed into CU’s Stadium. If your items are not in a 12” x 6” x 12” clear, plastic bag, they can still be accepted at Mobile Locker and can be picked up at the truck outside of the safety parameter. The bags will not be allowed into the stadium. Any clothing left on the ground or on the fencing in the start area will be immediately donated to charity. BOLDERBoulder is not responsible for broken/stolen/lost items.

Mobile Locker Location Map PDF

Printer friendly mobile locker location map.

Start Area Details PDF

Mobile Locker Drop-off. Aid. Water. Bathrooms. Start Information. Parking.

Finish Area PDF

Mobile Locker Pickup. BB Expo. Lunch. Aid. Water. Bathrooms.