Strava, the Official Training App of the BOLDERBoulder is providing a new and easy way for you to submit a time to earn a spot in a qualified wave in the BOLDERBoulder. Strava allows you to track all your training runs in the App or with your favorite running watch. Now, you can use any one of your runs as a qualifier to earn a spot in a qualified wave of the BOLDERBoulder to run with others at the same pace!

Download the Strava app on the apple store or google play to get started.


  • We have tried to simplify the process this year for submitting your “virtual race” as a qualifying time.
  • Before you go out to run, make sure you turn off “auto-pause” in settings on Strava (or on your GPS watch).
  • Designate your run as a “race” and visible to “everyone” in that specific activity’s settings. View a demo here.
  • For online registration, copy the url link for that workout and paste it into the box labeled “Link to proof of qualifying”.
  • For in-person registration events, you must print your workout or have it ready on the Strava App
  • For placement in a BB10K qualifying wave, qualifier participants must complete the qualifier with a “best effort” 5K of 32 minutes, 38 seconds or faster. Check the Equivalent Times Chart to see how your race time equates to a 10K time.
  • All workouts and races will be verified before assigning a qualifying wave
  • Your Strava athlete profile name must match the registration name.

*Participants who have already registered and been bibbed will incur a $10 bib change fee to utilize their qualifier results for placement in a faster wave. 



Download the Strava app to get started. Strava turns every iPhone and Android into a sophisticated tracking system. You can follow your progress by comparing your performance on any segment or route with your past efforts, or those of millions of Strava athletes.



Train with Strava
Train at the speed of bold with Strava! We’re happy to announce Strava as the official training app of the BOLDERBoulder and we now have our own Strava club. Join now and you will find the following:

• 10 week BOLDERBoulder training plan
• Suggested routes and training runs in the Boulder/Denver area
• A place to chat with other runners you’ll see on race day
• Weekly leaderboards against your fellow runners

Join the BOLDERBoulder Strava Training Club now.

Helpful Strava Tips
• New to Strava? Check out our Getting Started Guides for mobile and web.

• Already have a dedicated GPS device? Find out how to upload to Strava from yours.

• Set up your device for success:
– Record a test activity and get familiar with the recording and upload process (recording guides for iOS and Android).
– Give your phone (or other GPS devices) time to acquire a solid GPS connection.
– Close other apps before using Strava.

• To ensure you meet the Challenge goal, we recommend you run a small amount over the required distance (about .5km / .3mi).

• Having trouble uploading? Here are some helpful tips to help troubleshoot for iOS and Android.

• Your selected run must be designated as a “race” and visible to “everyone” in that specific activity’s settings. View a demo here.

• You can learn more about managing your activity’s privacy controls here.