This weekend, a core BOLDERBoulder team, made up of Race Director Cliff Bosely’s family, packed up boxes with 1850 shirts, bibs, and safety pins to send to 6 U.S. Military bases worldwide so they could participate in the 2020 edition of the BB10K Base Race on Memorial Day. A tradition since 2006, when the BOLDERBoulder created the BOLDERBoulder Baghdad 10K with the help of a group of dedicated runners stationed at Camp Victory in Iraq. The race was run on Memorial Day and gave servicemen and women a connection to the tens of thousands of BOLDERBoulder runners competing on the same morning.

Since its inception, over 25,00 military runners have run their own BOLDERBoulder races at multiple U.S. bases.

We are honored to have them as part of our BOLDERBoulder family.