The BOLDERBoulder is thrilled to announce the start of a new youth initiative for the 2024 race year. Introducing the BOLD SQUAD, a program that is specifically designed for our younger participants. Every person who registers for the race that is 14 years and under will automatically join the BOLD SQUAD.

Each member of the BOLD SQUAD will receive:

  • $15 off regular race registration for kids 14 and under
  • BOLD SQUAD Medal, given at Race Day Expo
  • Fun Run at Runners Roost, Boulder Store
  • 10 Week Training Program
  • 10 Week Training Tracker
  • Monthly Tips for Training

The BOLD SQUAD is an upgrade of our former youth initiative, the BB Racers Club. The BB Racers Club was a program implemented throughout elementary and middle schools across Colorado. The BOLD SQUAD allows the opportunity for every 14 and under entrant to participate as there is no separate sign-up or need for a school sponsored club. Parents and guardians simply register their child through the regular race registration platform to receive the benefits of this exciting new initiative.

“In evaluating our BB Racers Program, we wanted to bring the most value to the largest number of kids possible. The BOLD SQUAD helps inspire all of them to experience the magic of the BOLDERBoulder from start to finish,” states Cliff Bosley, Race Director.  “We want kids to add running to the list of things they like to do. We know that fun training and having a good experience on race day is key to that goal”.

6.2 miles can seem like a daunting number, but it is achievable! The BOLD SQUAD offers an interactive training program to make sure kids feel prepared to participate on race day. In their race packets, BOLD SQUAD members will receive custom BOLDERBoulder stickers that can be used to mark off their preparations on their training tracker. While the training plan is geared towards our younger participants, parents and guardians can get involved by offering support and training alongside their child. Participating in the Fun Run hosted by Runners Roost at their Boulder location is another great way to get in some training before Memorial Day and a great opportunity to meet other BOLD SQUAD members. AND every member of the BOLD SQUAD who finishes the BOLDERBoulder, whether they walk, jog or run, will receive a medal distributed on race day!

Through the BOLD SQUAD we hope that every child, 14 and under, feels included in something special. We’re looking forward to seeing as many kids as possible flashing their medals and smiles around Folsom Field on Memorial Day!