BOLDER on the RUN 10K and the start of summer

Ready, Set YOUR GOAL!

By Cliff Bosley, Race Director.

The BOLDERBoulder is a rite of passage from spring to summer and one of the benefits of running the BOLDERBoulder on Memorial Day has been attracting thousands of people who do the race the opportunity to start training and getting in shape for the start of each summer.  What a great way to kick off the season with accomplishing a 10K.

In 2020, it was tough for most of us to keep that motivation going. With no live races to train for and nothing to help move us forward, setting a goal wasn’t necessarily a top priority.  I know for me; I was doing well to get a few hours of exercise in each week!

But now as things seems to be loosening up, and we’re able to provide our first LIVE run on six different courses offered through BOLDER on the RUN.

What’s your goal?

This doesn’t have to be a goal for your fastest 10k or even your personal best. It can be run the whole thing without stopping, to run more than you walk, to walk the whole thing or to simply finish!

Whatever that looks like for you, make sure to send us your goal and we will help you track your success.  And, as an extra incentive, you’ll receive a special reward from RISE Brewing Company.  Remember you have 6 amazing LIVE locations to choose from Loveland to Larkspur. We also have a virtual option if you can’t join us live.  So, if you haven’t registered, go (HERE) then you’ll be prompted to submit your goal and the RISE reward will follow.

We’re excited about each of our BOLDER ON THE RUN locations, each location is a different adventure – all beautiful and fun in their own way.  Be sure to set your goal and let’s see what’s possible.  We really hope you’ll start your summer with us.


See you on the course!