By Cliff Bosley, Race Director

Almost 1,900 hearty BOLDERBoulder participants have accepted the Heart of BOLD Challenge which started on Valentine’s Day.  The challenge is to complete 7 workouts and 7 random acts of kindness (or as we like to call it, Random Acts of BOLDness) over 14 days (February 14th and February 28th).

The workouts are certainly impressive – last weekend people reported running or walking in minus 8 degree weather, some even experienced lower temperatures!

Hiking, swimming and lots of snow shoveling in the first couple of days.  No matter what the workout, we  love to see people active and moving during these most unusual times.

Even more impressive has been reading about the hundreds of acts of kindness that people have chosen, including everything from” pay it forward” at a drive thru to complimenting a stranger.

Since we started on Valentine’s Day, lots of sweethearts got special meals and notes and gifts.  As I read all the different ways people are spreading kindness, I’ve been humbled by the creative and authentic endeavors and I’m personally challenged to do more.

I am honored to be a part of this Heart of BOLD Lover’s group. I’m inspired every day. If you’re interested, you can see some of these amazing acts under the Heart of BOLD FAQ page –

Remember, you don’t have to be a member of the group – just look for any small way to connect or to serve or acknowledge someone who is special, or someone doing something special.


Thanks to all our participants for being a part of the Heart of BOLD and the other events we do.  We can’t wait for the next adventure – stay tuned for announcements coming in March.