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REGISTRATION WILL OPEN SOON – please contact [email protected] with questions.


  • BBRacers Club is an excellent way for students to prepare and train for the BOLDERBoulder, helping them experience success and fun on race day! 
  • BOLDERBoulder has teamed with schools and coaches to create an 8–10-week training program involving running/walking workouts as well as fun activities to maximize motivation. 
  • Students who register as BBRacers will receive an exclusive BBRacers T-shirt, goodies from our sponsors, and special pricing on registration (automatically given at checkout). 
  • Running in a special BBRacers Wave adds to the fun, team spirit, and support found in the comradery of others. There are four BBRacers waves reserved for BBRacers AND any of their family, friends, or school staff who would like to run/walk together on race day. 
  • The registration link above allows you to register the BBRacer student participant, followed by any family or friends who want to register together and have their race packets delivered to the student’s school. After completing registration for the BBRacer participant, watch for the pop-up window asking you to “Register Someone Else”. 
  • Join us for the “Scheels-BBRacers Run & Fun” Event on Sunday, May 15 to celebrate your training and team spirit!  Please see details below. 



If your school does not currently have a BBRacers Club please contact [email protected]

More information about registration and packet delivery is below.


About The BBRacers Club

The BBRacers Club was developed in 1996 for middle school-aged youth to encourage participation in school fitness programs and create a life-long commitment to health and fitness. This program gives students the opportunity to meet challenges, work towards goals, and feel a sense of pride in their school and individual accomplishments. Beginning in 2010, we added elementary schools to this program and changed the name to the BBRacers Club. BBRacers Club gets elementary and middle school students, their teachers/coaches and families excited about fitness by training for the BOLDERBoulder using fun activities as well as running/walking workouts. Guidance, support, and rewards are provided by the BOLDERBoulder to students, families, and schools throughout the program, culminating in the completion of the BOLDERBoulder 10K Race. In addition, schools compete for two awards in their division: fastest school and highest participation. In 2019, 84 schools across Colorado participated in the BBRacers Club with just under 2,000 participants in the program. Check out the video above for more about why you should join the BBRacer Club.



Benefits For Students
  • Special pricing on race registration for all students in BBRacers Club  
  • Exclusive BBRacers T-shirt and other goodies from our sponsors
  • Access to easy BBRacers Club online registration for students and families
  • An 8–10-week training program offered online along with the school’s program
  • Weekly newsletters with information, health/wellness tips, and motivation to keep training
  • Race packet delivery directly to participating school
  • Access to BBRacers waves for extra fun during the race with peers and families 
  • Success and fun on race day due to the preparation and training 
  • A great opportunity to benefit one’s physical, emotional, and social wellness 
Benefits for Coaches and Schools
  • Coaches receive complimentary entry to the BOLDERBoulder and special coaches’ gifts. 
  • BOLDERBoulder offers school assemblies or presentations by our team to help with promoting your BBRacers Club and generating excitement. 
  • Coaches receive a step-by-step guide and resources to help you build your own BBRacers Club. 
  • BOLDERBoulder assists with communication to families as well as registration process. 
  • Schools receive access to exclusive BBRacers Club online registration. 
  • School teams receive special recognition for highest participation and fastest school awards by division. 
  • Coaches and families can find ongoing help and support from our BBRacers Coordinator, [email protected]. 
Everything You Need to Know About Registration

In order to ensure timely distribution of race packets and accuracy in scoring, students/families/coaches/school staff will register separately from other race participants. In addition to the usual registration information, their online forms will ask for school name, grade level, and choice of BBRacer Club waves. Remember, students who register early as a BBRacer will receive special pricing, a BBRacers Club T-shirt and goodies from our race sponsors.


  • How do I register my child as a BBRacers participant? Simply click on the blue “Register Here” button at the top of this page.


  • How do we register other family members and friends together? Multiple registrations can be completed in one transaction. Once the initial BBRacer participant is registered, the “pop-up” screen will ask you to “Register Someone Else” or “Begin the Checkout Process.” For each participant, you will be able to choose the wave type and enter the names of those whom you would like to run with. Family members and friends may run in the BBRacers waves with students if they would like to all be together.


  • What if my child wants to be a BBRacers participant but also wants to run in a qualifying wave? BBRacers can choose to be in a qualifying wave. These are the first 31 waves of the race that are reserved for runners who finish faster than 68 minutes and must have proof from a previous race to qualify. When prompted to “Choose your runner type,” select “Running mile pace is 10:56 or less with proof” and follow the prompts for submission of proof of placement. If they register through the BBRacers platform and choose the BBRacer student packet, they will be counted as part of their school’s team for the competitions and have their packets delivered to the school.


  • What if we already registered as a family through the regular registration platform and now my child wants to be on their school’s BBRacer Team? If this occurs before the April 28th deadline, and before the registration has been processed, we can transfer the registration. Email [email protected] with the student’s name and school, and we will contact you to complete this process. If this is after the deadline, we can at least add them to the school team for the purposes of scoring and awards, but the registration and packet pick-up will not be altered.


  • What if my child’s school is not part of the BBRacers program? Unfortunately, they may not register individually as a BBRacer participant if they are not involved in a school program. We encourage you to reach out to the school to ensure future participation or contact [email protected] 


  • Do you offer financial assistance? For those students needing financial assistance, BOLDERBoulder will offer a limited number of “Work for Entry” jobs for students. The student will help pack lunches on Saturday, May 28th from 8 AM – NOON. The students will receive their official BBRacers packet once this job is completed. Contact your school’s coach or [email protected] 
What if I missed the April 28th registration deadline?

Those students who miss the registration deadline of Thursday, April 28th may still register for the race online as a regular race participant but will not receive the BBRacer Special Price or the BBRacers T-Shirt; however, they can be added to their school’s team for the school competitions. Contact [email protected] and your coach to let them know you registered after the deadline. Race packets will not be delivered to their school but instead delivered to the pick-up location or by the shipment method chosen during registration. 

Race Packet Delivery

Race packets will be delivered to each school approximately the second week of May. Your child/family’s race packets will only be delivered to the school if you all registered through the BBRacers Registration platform by the deadline of Thursday, April 28th


Highest Participation and Fastest School awards will be given to both elementary and middle schools in each division. Divisions are based on the size of the school: 

  • Division I: 1-200 students 
  • Division II: 201-550 students 
  • Division III: 551 or more students 

The fastest boy and the fastest girl from each school will also be recognized.  

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