The BOLDERBoulderAmerica’s All-Time Best 10kTM, is pleased to announce its newest intern class for the 2020 race season. This year’s class includes Sophomore Bridger Boyd (Major: Communications), Senior Will Inderbitzen (Major: Strategic CommunicationsMinor: Communications), and Senior Darby Linn (Double Major Strategic Communications & Art History) who returns to the BOLDERBoulder for her second year.  

The intern program started seven years ago as another opportunity to partner with the University of Colorado beyond the race finishing at Folsom Field, provides aopportunity for students to get handson experience while earning credits towards their major.

Race Director Cliff Bosley, We looked for a way we can partner with different schools inside the university and identify smart kids who are interested in us, and in learning something new while getting real-world experience, “ 

Interns become an extended face for the BOLDERBoulder brand as they help coordinate and execute outreach programs like the Boulder Business Challenge, Street Teams, and the BOLDERBoulder Racers program, which supports grade school, and middle school students getting involved in the sport of running and sets up a plan for a successful running of the BOLDERBoulder. 

Mallory Perschke started as an intern last year and is now working full time for the BOLDERBoulder

“I love how I got to own my own ‘project’ and once I was given the basic tools and outline, I was able to set up my project and run with it.” it goes way beyond the information that you just learn in school. There is real hands-on experience here. 

The BOLDERBoulder looks to recruit interns that already have a story and a great attitude, willingness to help out, and are not afraid to reach out and take the lead, like Darby Linn who is returning again this year as a senior. 

“The people are so awesome, I love the values and how hard working they are. I am excited to be a part of a big event that everyone knows about.”

The internship program typically starts in the middle of January and will go all through race day on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020, and for the following week 

“Race day is allhands on deck. So, lots of hands make the work a little lighter and more enjoyable,” stated Cliff Bosley. 

Bosley adds, “I think the beauty of the BB compared to something else is that they come in and they don’t know anything and they are exposed to the gamut of what the race is and part of putting it all together. They get involved with some of the planning, and the execution pieces, and getting enough exposure, so that by the time the intern gets to race day, they are actually doing something where they may be leading an aspect of the race day operation for us.”